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Real-world cases of impact

case study

Cotton Finance

In partnership with Australian cotton farmers, AgriDigital and Raw Cotton Australia (RainAg), Geora has allowed growers to access asset-backed finance, streamlined data transfer with financiers to allow risk assement and valuation in real-time, and enabled growers to have flexibility to make better marketing decisions. This was made possible through the intergation of data along the supply chain to data-rich digital asset records of cotton and a dashboard to allow financiers to inspect each bale and make fianncing decisions.

case study

Australian Tea Tree Oil

The Australian tea tree oil industry traceability solution deployed on the Geora blockchain protcol aims to solve significant challenges faced by primary producers of tea tree oil using a digital traceability and certification management tool. This industry-first pilot is phase one of a commercial solution, first built for the Australian Tea Tree Industry Association (ATTIA) but intended to champion a pathway toward digital trust for other agri-industries globally.

case study

P.N.G. Pigs

In partnership with SwitchMaven, we set out to provide farmers in the Jikawa province of Papua New Guinea with proven digital records of their pigs. Using smart contracts and simple integrations, we rolled out a mobile application and RFID tags to allow farmers to create traceable and verifiable digital records of their assets. Through these records they can access better prices at market, real time finance and other innovative solutions.

New features launching soon on Geora

Standard asset formats

Set your industry standard for asset record keeping, to streamline data transfers and generate industry insights.

Carbon footprint contract

Measure and prove your carbon footprint throughout your supply chain using data tracking contracts linked to the agri-asset.

Payments integration

Manage your payments and repayments with farmers and other suppliers directly within the Geora platform.

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