We believe the most profitable way to farm can also be the greenest


Farmers globally are working to solve some of the biggest challenges we have ever faced as a global community. At Geora, our mission is to support the future of agriculture by providing the digital infrastructure to build trust and deliver finance to every farmer, anywhere.

Since 2016, Geora has been the global leader at the junction of blockchain and agriculture. Previously as the blockchain pilot workstream within Australian agtech leader AgriDigital, we have worked with customers like CBH Group and Rabobank to deliver global firsts using blockchain technology.

Now we are delivering blockchain based solutions for supply chains everywhere with simple workflows available through the Geora platform.In order to meet the Sustainable Development Goals an additional US $2.1 trillion annually needs to be invested across supply chains. Geora is building the digital rails to make this happen.


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We use the best of emerging technologies to build the next generation of greener, more sustainable agriculture.

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Together we are building a world where the most profitable way to farm is also the greenest

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