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We’re created a platform that is open and secure for any agri-supply chain participant, so we’ve made sure our pricing reflects this.

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                Geora helps agribusinesses build digital trust.

                Agriculture is under increasing pressure to be more sustainable, efficient and secure. To meet these demands, we need shareable asset records, verifiable certifiates, and efficient financial infrastructure.

                Geora uses the best of emerging technologies to make sure agriculture is no longer the world’s least digitised industry.

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                Driving real value for agri-supply chains


                Asset records along your supply chain.


                Certificates and carbon outcomes.


                Integrations and smart contracts.


                Manage funds and make payments.

                Frequently asked questions

                How much does Geora cost?
                We have a range of pricing options available depending on the size of your business. Please see the pricing page for more information.
                I am having trouble accessing the platform, what should I do?
                We're here to help! Please contact our team at It is important to note that the Geora platform is only officially supported on the Chrome and Firefox browsers. Some features will not work on other browsers like Safari.
                Are my data and private keys secure when using Geora?
                We follow industry best-practices to ensure that your data and security is not compromised at any point. All data is private by default and shared only with users you grant permission to. Sensitive documents you upload are encrypted using hardware security modules to ensure that you alone can control access. We take your privacy seriously: please see our privacy policy for more details.
                How does Geora use blockchain?
                Geora’s platform uses a private Ethereum blockchain network to act as the "source of truth" for supply chain data. Geora’s powerful developer API integrates with the blockchain to make integration with the blockchain as easy as a non-blockchain platform. Geora chooses to base its architecture on the Ethereum blockchain network for its powerful smart contract capabilities, developer tooling availability, proven security, verifiable reputation. However, we are not tethered to the Ethereum network given our multi-layered architecture - meaning we can update the base technology over time without any changes for the user.
                What if my computer is interrupted before adding data to my assets record?
                If you have submitted the update, it will be processed in the background and will be visible after restoring your internet connection. If the process is interrupted before your browser sends the data to Geora, you must restore connection and begin entering the data again - any draft data will not be added to the record without submitting. If at any point two conflicting updates occur, then the updated that is entered into the API first will succeed and the other will fail.

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