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Sustainable finance

We match you with sustainability-linked lending and green loans with better conditions and rates, with flexibility to support your business needs.

Nature and climate assessment

Unlock the value of past, present and future on-farm sustainable practices with Geora’s live climate-resilience risk analysis.

Comprehensive farm profile

Integrate farm management tools and remote sensing for seamless data collection. Upload certifications, photos, and videos to verify your practices.

Live impact dashboard

Invite key stakeholders to track your progress towards KPIs and target metrics in real time.

Nature and climate credits

Leverage your impact data to access incentive programs and transact nature credits and carbon insets.

Cryptographic audit log

Build your trusted profile with proof of impact backed by verifiable audit logs and measured against our data integrity framework.

"Geora can be the one stop shop for reporting and tracking changes across all of the metrics that the beef industry uses when communicating sustainability outcomes across the supply chain including banks and global markets."

Melinee Leather, Banana QLD


Together we are building a world where the most profitable way to farm is also the greenest

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