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Geora Platform

Digital tools for trusted and sustainable agri-supply chains.

Grow your agribusiness by connecting your sustainability initiatives with trade and finance solutions through Geora.


Create digital records of your agri-assets, traced across the supply chain.


Share verified data about your assets with trade and finance partners.


Connect producers and traders in the Geora platform to build value for the entire supply chain.


Access the Geora marketplace to unlock the value of your sustainability efforts.

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Making agricultural networks sustainable by default

Unlock the real value of sustainability. The Geora Marketplace, helps farmers and businesses increase their green, regenerative and sustainable activities by trading verified credits across the entire agri-supply chain.

Sustainable agriculture includes how we produce and consume, but also how we trade and invest. Join the hard work on the ground to transform agriculture by investing directly in sustainable producers, and be part of the future of agriculture.

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Our mission is to provide security and finance for every farmer, anywhere. Since 2016, our team have been global leaders in the application of blockchain technologies to agriculture.

Geora is the result of over five years trialing and testing the best ways to make blockchain based applications simple and affordable for agricultural supply chains.

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608 million

Farmers around the world

$2.4 trillion

Value of global agriculture

$80 billion

Annual investment needed for farmers to meet global food demands by 2050

$2.1 trillion

Annual investment needed in supply chains to achieve Sustainable Development Goals

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Asia Pacific Rayon

Asia Pacific Rayon is leading the industry providing traceability across the entire viscose fibre supply chain. With key processing stages and outcomes documented with Geora, APRs customers are assured that their suppliers are providing sustainably sourced raw materials that meet government and industry standards.


Bringing together a network of over 200 organic and regenerative growers, ORICoop connects buyers with producers across Australia. Using Geora, they track over 13 different product types for the cooperative, using production data to issue and trade eco-credits based on land stewardship and sustainability practices.

Leather Cattle Company

Leather Cattle Company is an industry leader in innovation and sustainability. Through the NAB and Geora partnership, LCC are meeting the reporting covenants of NAB’s Agri Green Loan with an integrated digital system. Geora tracks key data points to build a record of the environmental impact and the steps taken to reduce emissions.