Building the future of agriculture.

Simple and secure technology for farmer networks to track and finance global agri-supply chains.


our product

Digital tools to help you grow on-farm and across your value chain.

Geora provides customisable workflows to make your business more sustainable, efficient and secure.


Asset records along your supply chain.


Certificates and carbon outcomes.


Integrations and smart contracts.


Manage funds and make payments.

How the platform works.

Farmers capture data on-farm to create and track digital asset records.

Industries grow in value by validating third party data and certifications.

Financiers inspect and validate asset records, and directly finance farmers.


The best of technology, built for farmers.

Geora’s multi-layer architecture powers our user interface, developer API, and customer applications, through secure, private, and verifiable technologies.

All data is stored and verified on Geora’s permissioned Ethereum network.

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GLObal scale

A new backbone for agrifinance.

Our mission is to provide security and finance for every farmer, anywhere. Since 2016, our team have been global leaders in the application of blockchain technologies to agriculture.

Geora is the result of five years trialing and testing the best ways to make blockchain based applications simple and affordable for agricultural supply chains.

570 million

Farmers around the world

$2.4 trillion

Value of global agriculture

$80 billion

Annual investment needed for farmers to meet global food demands by 2050

$2.1 trillion

Annual investment needed in supply chains to achieve Sustainable Development Goals

See what the platform can do for you.

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P.N.G. Pigs

In partnership with SwitchMaven, we set out to provide farmers in the Jikawa province of Papua New Guinea with proven digital records of their pigs to allow them to create traceable and verifiable digital records of their assets.

Cotton Finance

In partnership with Australian cotton farmers, AgriDigital and Raw Cotton Australia (RainAg), Geora has allowed growers to access asset-backed finance and streamlined data transfer with financiers to allow risk assement and valuation in real-time.

Australian Tea Tree Oil

The Australian tea tree oil industry traceability solution deployed on the Geora blockchain protcol aims to solve significant challenges faced by primary producers of tea tree oil using a digital traceability and certification management tool.