Supported Frameworks & Carbon Calculators in Geora

Tami Titheridge

Tami Titheridge


In today’s blog we dive into the different industry and customer frameworks we currently support in Geora, and explain how you can use them to benchmark and verify your impact on the targets and goals you care most about!

First things first, what is a ‘Framework’?

In the context of sustainability reporting, a framework is a high-level set of guidelines or approaches that is used to measure, monitor, and communicate your nature and climate impact.

Frameworks give companies the tools to benchmark themselves within a particular industry or activity, and in some instances generate a tradeable credit. Adopting well-known frameworks can help guide a company through the processes of data collection, reporting & audit, and communicating nature and climate outcomes with external stakeholders.

Frameworks may be governed by:

  • Industry bodies including government agencies and Research and Development Corporations (e.g. National Farmers Federation)
  • International standards organisations (e.g. ISO, Verra, GHG Protocol)
  • Individual businesses across their value chain network (e.g. Nestle Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAIN))

What Frameworks does Geora support today?

We have the ability to support all industry frameworks (like the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework) as well as most customer defined frameworks (like ORCA’s Eco Credits) and will continue to expand our support for new frameworks as they come to market.

With this in mind, here’s a list of frameworks that are ready to use in Geora today:

Reporting and disclosure standards

These frameworks allow you to set and report against science-based goals, as well as disclose carbon and nature-related risks to your business.

Industry specific goals & targets

These frameworks allow you to track your own progress against sustainability and ESG goals that your industry body is aiming to achieve as a community (e.g. the Australian Beef industry have a set a series of goals focused on sustainability, animal welfare, environmental stewardship, etc).

Greenhouse gas reporting & monitoring

These frameworks enable you to track and report on your greenhouse gas emissions and impact.

Environmental impact assessments

These frameworks enable you to measure the health of different environmental assets (e.g. agricultural soils, native vegetation, fauna, etc.)

Carbon & Nature Credits

These frameworks comply with the requirements to generate specific nature and carbon credits in the voluntary market.

[Bonus] Carbon Calculators

We’re also in the process of rolling out industry specific carbon calculators that make it super easy for you to track, benchmark & report on your carbon footprint without having to use complex spreadsheets!

As a starting point, so far we’ve launched:

Can’t see your Framework?

If there is a Framework that you need to benchmark and report against or a Carbon Calculator you’re using that you aren’t seeing listed above, let us know (by starting a live chat) as we’d love to explore building it for you!

Getting started

If you’re keen to track your scope 3 data, measure your progress towards your sustainability goals and are ready to ditch the complex spreadsheets, get in touch by starting a live chat with us and we’ll help you get started.

Just look for the chat icon towards the bottom right hand corner of any page!

We can’t wait to hear from you 🧡

Tami Titheridge

Tami is our Customer Success & Product Specialist!