Unlock the power of blockchain for agriculture, without expensive custom builds.

From an interactive workflow builder and customisable smart contracts to a full developer API, we provide the tools to secure your industry without the hassle.

Your guide to the API.


Get started quickly with a visual workflow engine.

Drop down to code when you need it.

The workflow engine defines and executes the supply chain through generated smart contracts on Ethereum.

Looking to build a custom user interface or integration? The full power of the Geora developer API is available when you need it.


Simple access to blockchain technology.

The Geora tech stack is composed of a network layer, using Ethereum blockchain technology; a business logic layer and an access layer which farmers, developers, financiers and other stakeholders can access.

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Asset tracking

Build supply chain traceability solutions with the visual workflow builder.

Certificate registry

Secure industry value and grower practices with certificates issued on-chain.

Custom integrations

Integrate with existing ERP systems and devices to add data to asset records.

Custom UI

Build user interfaces for business use cases and different classes of users.

use cases

See what our API can do for you.

From integrating with existing ERP systems to building user interfaces tailored to your customers, Geora supports your use case.


Stay up-to-date.

Geora is committed to maintaining backwards-compatibility and supporting developers through updates. See our full, transparent changelog below.

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