Data is the key to sustainability

Better finance for a greener future

Recognise your hard work and access the sustainable finance you deserve through our world-leading incentive platform.

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Unlock better loan conditions by sharing on-farm sustainability activities with our impact partners.

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Geora Platform

Digital tools for trusted and sustainable agri-supply chains.

Grow your agribusiness by connecting your sustainability initiatives with trade and finance solutions through Geora.


Create digital records of your agri-assets, traced across the supply chain.


Share verified data about your assets with trade and finance partners.


Connect producers and traders in the Geora platform to build value for the entire supply chain.


Access the Geora marketplace to unlock the value of your sustainability efforts.

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Realise the value of your impact

Create a comprehensive farm profile which recognises the true value of climate resilience on the ground.

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Double-down on impact

Track eligible sustainability activities to access green finance and sustainable lending products.

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Did you know most sustainability frameworks track common on-farm practices?

We streamline reporting processes. Record once and report across all frameworks.
Accounting for Nature
Australian Beef Sustainability Framework
Science Based Targets Initiative
Together we are building a world where the most profitable way to farm is also the greenest

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